The Importance Of Landscape Drainage


The Importance Of Landscape Drainage

After successfully landscaping your property, filling it with trees, attractive shrubs and flowers, don’t let all of this beauty wash away. Whether you’re engaged in a new construction project or remodeling your yard, understanding the importance of landscape drainage will protect your investment, while adding an additional touch of attractiveness to your yard.

The Problems With Puddles

Besides being unsightly, puddles can cause a lot of problems in a landscaped yard. This can especially be an issue in hardscape projects where proper drainage hasn’t been implemented. If too much water accumulates around the base of trees, shrubs or flower beds, root rot will develop on the plants, which will ultimately cause them to die. Landscape drainage doesn’t have to be a large or expensive process; however, it does depend on the slope of your property and the placement of the plants. A simple fix for flower beds or shrubs is to pack the soil so that excess water runs off the plants. Remodeling your yard by raising flowerbeds or creating a berm, (an elevated mound), from rocks or mulch can direct extra water away from the plant’s roots, thus integrating landscape design with practical gardening.

Proper landscape drainage also solves another nasty problem that affects yards. When water is allowed to collect in puddles, it gets stagnant and becomes the perfect breeding ground for insects. With many parts of the country affected by the West Nile virus, which is spread by insects, it’s important to stop any accumulation of water on your property. Additionally, if water collects too close to the foundation of your home, there can be erosion issues that may be very costly to repair. This is a crucial consideration in construction and hardscape projects.

Functional and Beautiful

While landscape drainage serves a definite purpose, it can also be an attractive addition to any property. Whether you’re landscaping, gardening, or involved in remodeling, there are several types of drainage designs used in landscaped areas and each type offers both practicality and creativity. A drainage pond is an area created to hold excess water. It’s made with decorative stones and gives the appearance of a natural pond. Various plants may be placed around it to add to the illusion of a peaceful pond in the middle of a yard.

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