Planning Your Yard With Landscape Drawings


Planning Your Yard With Landscape Drawings

When someone builds a house they start with blueprints that show where every door and window will be placed and develop a floor plan to make sure interior traffic flow is smooth. Similarly, when planning the layout of the yard, landscape drawings can be every bit as useful in making sure the traffic flow outside is not interrupted by a errant shrub, effectively aiding in your hardscape project or construction work. In addition, detailed landscape drawings can also help determine how many flowers, shrubs, trees and hard materials will be needed to make the plan work, assisting you in your gardening and landscaping endeavors.

Too many people walk through their yard and make snap decisions on where they would like to put a flower bed or maybe a short stone wall behind which they can plant a few bushes. By taking the time to develop landscape drawings during the remodeling phase, they can get a better idea of how everything will look together. They can also give more consideration to whether or not a tree will hide windows or perhaps the roots will grow through the basement walls if it is planted too close to the home. This is where construction wisdom comes into play.

Knowing what the homeowner wants the exterior of their home to look like when they are done with their project can be a lot easier if they use landscape drawings to plan out where and what colors of flowers they will use to achieve a desired effect. This ties in neatly with gardening and landscaping efforts. Without good landscape drawings they may end up with a lawn that looks like an after thought.

Plan To Have All Materials On The Job

One of the most disappointing aspects of working on the yard’s design or a hardscape project is running out of materials during the project. When the homeowner uses landscape drawings in the planning of the layout, they can also make a materials list of everything they will need to turn their dream into reality. Retaining wall, if needed, can be measured so that halfway through the project they do not have to run back out to the store for more. All the while hoping the store has not run out of the ones they were using on the job.

For those homeowners who cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, there are home computer programs that allow them to make landscape drawings on their computer. From the free versions that offer some hope to the new home yard designer to the more elaborate ones that have color renditions of the most often used botanicals that can be moved around the virtual screen, making landscape drawings with these programs can be done at any hour of the day or night, facilitating all aspects of remodeling, construction, and landscaping.

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