Landscape Fountains Add Focal Point To Yard

Jul 19, 2023DRIVEWAY, Landscaping, Lawn Care, RETAINING WALL

Landscape Fountains Add Focal Point To Yard

In every landscaping theme, there should be at least one focal point that draws attention to the remainder of the yard. One of the ways to create such a focus is by using landscape fountains that attract attention as well as fits into the rest of the theme. The size of the yard as well as the layout will determine the size of the landscape fountains being used, as part of your overall hardscape project and construction planning.

Many homeowners use their landscaping to create a theme in their outdoor living space and the choice of landscape fountains can either enhance the appearance or make it appear like the fountain was an afterthought. Too many times landscape fountains are chosen due to their individual appearance and not by how they fit into the theme, making them appear as though they were dropped in the middle of the yard. Having the fountain shoot water into the sky may look neat for a short time, but it will get old after a while.

Unless you plan to use solar power to operate the landscape fountains, it will require running an electric line from the house to the fountain. The same power can also be used for any lighting installed in or around the fountain. Since most fountain pumps operate on 110-volt alternating current, it may require the services of a licensed electrician. Therefore, considering this aspect in your construction and remodeling plans is crucial.

Planning For Placement Of The Fountain

When deciding to use landscape fountains to enhance the appearance of the yard as part of your gardening and landscaping efforts, it might pay to hire a landscaper to install the fountain as well as to make plans for its placement. Remember that deciduous trees will lose their leaves in the fall and pine trees will shed their needles frequently, creating a need for additional clean up to protect the inner workings of the fountain.

To reduce the cost of installing electricity for landscape fountains, they should be as close to available power as reasonably possible. Additionally, many homeowners will want to see or hear their landscape fountains while in the home and placing them in a remote area of the yard will not be acceptable. Having them close to an outdoor living space, such as a patio or pool deck, can also provide relaxing sounds while spending time outdoors.

There are landscape fountains available in nearly every size and shape and being able to find one that fits the theme as well as the size of the yard should be no problem. Just remember not to choose the first one you come across as history shows that after landscape fountains are purchased, the homeowner usually finds one that fits their lawn better. This part of your hardscape project will truly elevate the aesthetic appeal of your space.

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