Factors That Can Tell You Whether You Need A Landscape Designer Or Not

Jul 5, 2023Landscaping, Lawn Care, PATIO INSTALLATION

Factors That Can Tell You Whether You Need A Landscape Designer Or Not

Let us say, you wake up one morning with a strong desire to have some landscaping done on and around your property and you find yourself wondering whether or not to hire a landscape designer. You might be planning a simple gardening task, a more elaborate landscaping plan, or even a complex hardscape project or construction work. The answer to this question would be subject to a few critical factors that pertain to your property or the place you propose to have landscaped.

You Would Definitely Need To Hire A Landscape Designer When…

You have a very large property – say more than two acres of land that is waiting to be changed into the Garden of Eden. This could even involve significant construction or a large-scale hardscape project. This would be a job for an experienced landscape designer rather than your amateur efforts, because it would involve long term repercussions. This is because in case you try your hand and fail, the remodeling and repairs would be very costly, not to mention extremely inconvenient.

You want to create a special look to your garden such as a Japanese Garden or an English Garden, i.e. Gardens that have specific qualities and offer a particular feel that need to be meticulously planned and painstakingly followed through by a professional landscape designer. Such projects often require more than simple gardening or landscaping knowledge.

You want to know what the options are for your property and what would be the possibilities available for the land you are proposing to landscape. You might need to develop a garden where you would come for relaxation, or you would like to have a garden where you could combine both utility and beauty – such as a mixed plantation of medicinal plants and perennial flowers, and so on.

You would like to create an ultra modern garden with waterfalls, ponds and miniature bridges where you could enjoy the beauty of nature recreated by the human hand. This would involve special skills whereby everything would be created in such a manner that it would look to the uninitiated eye as completely natural – something in the lines of a Zen garden. This would likely require both landscaping and hardscape work, and perhaps some construction or remodeling as well.

You Would Not Need To Hire A Landscape Designer When…

Your garden is a tiny patch of lawn on either side of your drive way and you want to do ‘something’ about it. This would definitely involve some planning, organization and hard work; however you could do it on your own and save the money you would have otherwise spent on the fees for the professional landscape designer for buying different types of flowers and bushes for your DIY landscaping or gardening project. Research a little on the Net about landscaping and you are guaranteed that you would love every minute of the job and the ensuing results.

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